New release on Evil Rabbit Records!

And here it is finally, our number ERR22:

Baars/ Kneer/ Elgart –

Live at Konfrontationen Nickelsdorf 2012

Ab Baars – tenor saxophone, clarinet, shakuhachi

Meinrad Kneer – double bass

Bill Elgart – drums

You can order it right here:

Evil Rabbit Records website fully re-newed and up-dated

Since our last post, 5 years have been passing by. It might look, as if the evil rabbit slept all the way through, but in between 5 different CD’s have been released and Evil Rabbit is about to release another one within days…

Since 2013 these albums have been released:

ERR21: Sequoia (double bass quartet) – Rotations

ERR23: The Core Trio live, featuring Matthew Shipp


ERR24: Biliana Voutchkova – Modus of Raw

ERR25: HaFFaH – Senza Titolo


ERR26: ReDDeer – New York – St. Johann


Stay tuned for more!


We’ve recently send out our newsletter. It’s the first one after the reconstruction of the EVIL RABBIT RECORDS website by Lisa Schonewille. We aim to keep you updated on a regular basis. For now, enjoy reading this first edition by clicking HERE

Evil Rabbit Records Newsletter

New Evil Rabbit Web Site Online

We are really happy that our new Evil Rabbit Website is online! Thanks to Lisa Schonewille who rebuild the site completely and will keep it updated from now on we are ready for the future in cyberspace!

New Releases in march 2013

We are proud to announce two new releases on Evil Rabbit Records, arriving in March 2013.

ERR 20 entitled Give No Quarter is the first CD by Meinrad Kneer (double bass), Ab Baars (reeds) & Bill Elgart (drums). The trio recorded in 2012 after playing concerts in Holland, Austria and Germany. Powerful improvisations by true masters.

We are also very pleases with another exiting Italian group releasing their CD on Evil Rabbit. ERR19 by Fiorenzo Bodrato (double bass), Stefano Battaglia (piano), Andrea Massaria (guitar), Massimiliano Furia (drums) is called ‘Bartleby the scrivener’, after Herman Melville’s book with the same name.

Fiorenzo Bodrato - Photo by Gil Deluermoz1

Fiorenzo Bodrato – Photo by Gil Deluermoz1

Cooperation Robert van Heumen & Albert van Veenendaal

Two Evil Rabbit Records artists, Robert van Heumen (ERR 12 Abattoir) and Albert van Veenendaal (co-founder of ERR) made new recordings after playing a concert in de Pont, the famous museum of contemporary art in Tilburg, The Netherlands. They explore the combination of Prepared Piano and Live Electronics. The Berts, as they call themselves, are considering releasing their music in due coarse.

Cooperation Robert van Heumen & Albert van Veenendaal

The Art Men

This January Veenendaal/Kneer/Sun (ERR #04) invited Belgian trumpet wizzard Bart Maris for a short tour. A refreshing new initiative well received by the audience and to be continued in September this year in a double bill with Spoon 3 (ERR #05) with as a fourth member Laptop instrumentalist Robert van Heumen. Plans for new cd’s of these projects are in the works.


Jack Lina

Today the sad news reached us that Jack Lina, dedicated programmer and organizer for the Bethanienklooster in Amsterdam, died last Wednesday. He was 57 years old. Jack was a wonderful guy with a warm heart an open mind and a great sense of humor. He made many things possible for our projects, and we are very grateful for that, but even more so for his friendship. Thank you Jack!

Coming Soon

This autumn we will release A Cool Tree, a tribute to Lysander le Coultre (cello) Not only was Lysander our very dear friend, imaginative graphic designer and driving force behind Evil Rabbit Records, he also was a passionate musician. Every note he played breathed his warm personality and temperament and he was about to go places with his rediscovered love for music. on january 29, 2009 he died suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving us all in shock. This cd, recorded on a Sunday afternoon late autumn 2008, is a tribute to a beautiful man. the spontaneous improvisations Lysander and Albert played that day are colorful and vivid. they will keep the spirit of his original talent alive.