Many of our artists sell their music directly through Bandcamp. Like this, they alone and directly earn money by selling their own music. It's definitely worth searching their names and evil rabbit cd's here. If we know their bandcamp links, it is included on the specific catalogue page as a direct link. Have fun!

Subterranean Distribution + Mailorder

Subterranean Distribution Mailorder based in amsterdam, the netherlands, they distribute cds, books, videos, and related items from small independent labels to retail stores and other distributors all over the world. individuals can now also purchase directly from them by visiting their page. their roster of labels is centered around the virtuosity, humor, and forward-looking creativity of the amsterdam improvised music scene. advances in technology occasionally change the rules of engagement, as does an abiding interest in contemporary (and sometimes not so contemporary) composition. the product of these combined ingredients is preserved on these recordings: a peerless, vitally creative mix of consummate musicianship and defiant energy, tempered by tradition and the familiarity bred by a close-knit musical community.


Evil Rabbit Records is a member of the Dutch label collective ToonDist. Please find out more about it here: