Jack Lina

Today the sad news reached us that Jack Lina, dedicated programmer and organizer for the Bethanienklooster in Amsterdam, died last Wednesday. He was 57 years old. Jack was a wonderful guy with a warm heart an open mind and a great sense of humor. He made many things possible for our projects, and we are very grateful for that, but even more so for his friendship. Thank you Jack!

Coming Soon

This autumn we will release A Cool Tree, a tribute to Lysander le Coultre (cello) Not only was Lysander our very dear friend, imaginative graphic designer and driving force behind Evil Rabbit Records, he also was a passionate musician. Every note he played breathed his warm personality and temperament and he was about to go places with his rediscovered love for music. on january 29, 2009 he died suddenly and unexpectedly, leaving us all in shock. This cd, recorded on a Sunday afternoon late autumn 2008, is a tribute to a beautiful man. the spontaneous improvisations Lysander and Albert played that day are colorful and vivid. they will keep the spirit of his original talent alive.

new releases

In September three brand new and exciting releases are coming up on Evil Rabbit Records:

ERR 16: Istanbul improv sessions may 4th, Mark Lotz and Islak Köpek, a collaboration of flutist Mark Alban Lotz with some of the great proponets of the improvising scene in that vibrant metropolis.

ERR 17: U ex(perimental). This recording documents an improvised music concert series, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. a platform for spontaneous encounters of improvising musicians in concert, organised by flutist Mark Lotz and bass player Meinrad Kneer

ERR 18: Modern Primitive. An exciting and powerful live album by  Jan Klare (as, cl, fl), Jeff Platz (g) Meinrad Kneer (b), Bill Elgart (d)

These releases will be available in September


For the internet magazine Kwadratuur, Sven Claeys had an interview with Albert van Veenendaal about his latest CD Minimal Damage and about Evil Rabbit Records. For those of you who van read Dutch, click here

VKS & MDT reviewed

The double trio & sextet concert in Utrecht (december 18) was reviewed by Jacques Los in “Draai om je oren”. Also some nice pictures by Maarten Jan Rieder are available. This was the last concert in a series of five. Tastes like more!


VKS + MDT in concert

This cryptical subcription stands for two outstanding trio’s, Veenendaal/Kneer/Sun (NL/DE) and the Matthieu Donarier Trio (F). They started their cooperation 1 year ago by playing a double bill and combined set at the Amsterdam Bimhuis. In the spring of 2010 they continued playing together in the Netherlands and on december 18 they will play their last concert together in Utrecht (NL) at the SJU Jazzpodium.

Check these guys out!

Windfall on Luisterpaal Radio 6

A fairly new initiative is Luisterpaal, new and interesting releases can be listened to online. A broad selection of various styles gives the listener the opportunity to expand their musical taste. Some of our releases have been presented here, at this moment the beautiful duo cd by Ab Baars and Meinrad Kneer is available

Spoon 3 + Fork

Tonight, december 8, Spoon 3 will give a concert in Paradox, Tilburg and Saturday in Plusetage, Baarle Nassau. They will play with a fantastic guest, master of electronic music and great musician Robert van Heumen, former director of STEIM. For this occasion the spoonies are extended with a Fork!

Evil Rabbit Festival reviewed

Nice reviews on the Evil Rabbit Festival in the Bimhuis and SJU Jazzpodium. If you click the links and are able to read Dutch you’ll get a nice impression of the event. The two nights have been very enjoyable and inspiring thanks to our friends and evil rabbit artists Ab Baars and Gianni Lenoci and our guest of honour, the magnificent drummer Bill Elgart. The photo is made by Fred van Wulften

evil rabbit festival fvw1833


A triple CD presentation & mini festival at the Bimhuis, Amsterdam (september 10) and SJU Jazzpodium, Utrecht (september 11). Evil Rabbit exists three years this autumn and we celebrate this event with a festival and official presentation of ERR 10 Windfall, ERR 11 Ephemeral Rhizome and ERR 13 Minimal Damage. Albert van Veenendaal and Gianni Lenoci will play solo piano, Ab Baars and Meinrad Kneer will perform with their duo and very special guest of honour is Bill Elgart (drums) who will play with all the musicians in different combinations. Check it out on the website of the Bimhuis and SJU jazzpodium