Massaria Maeri Cappelletti Stranieri

andrea massaria was born on april 10th, 1965 in trieste, italia. he began studying classical guitar at the age of eleven. as a private student, he attended the last academic year of classical guitar. in the meanwhile, he performed a long series of concerts both in italy and abroad, becoming a specialist in the music of h. villa lobos and of j. s. bach. in 1990 he began studying jazz with the guitar teacher sandro gibellini. in 1991 he attended the summer school “berklee college of music” in perugia. he attended especially the seminar of joe pass. in 1993 and 1994 he attended the summer courses of specialisation in genova under the guidance of bruce forman and mark elf.

in both years he won a study grant for best guitarist. in 1996 and 1997 he attended the summer courses in genova with kenny burrell and mike stern, and was judged again best guitarist. in 1997 he won one of the most important european competition for jazz guitarists, the “eddie lang contest” in monteroduni (is). he partecipated in the most important italian and european jazz festivals like: trieste , sori (ge) , vienne (f), monteroduni (is) , genova , udine , sant’anna arresi (ca) , caorle (ve) , gorizia,quarto (ge) , turriaco (go) ,venezia ,koper (slo) ,cagliari ,villa celimontana (roma) , mendrisio (ch) , graz (a) , milano , asolo (tv) , reana del rojale (ud) , varese , udine,torino,padova,valdarno, pontassieve (fi), fiemme ski jazz (bl) , cormons (go) ,tarcento(ud), torino, brescia, iseo and many others.

he recorded over a dozen of cd’s.

as a leader “giano” and “tra apollo e dioniso” with the “new time trio” (danilo gallo on double bass and u.t. ghandi on drums), “titapana” with giovanni maier on double bass, francesco bearzatti sax and u.t. gandhi drums, “tribute to ermi bombi” with dado moroni on piano and stefano senni on double bass. as co-leader with arrigo cappelletti on piano “intermittenze” with arrigo cappelletti and mat maneri on viola “the edge of becoming” with stefano battaglia on piano, fiorenzo bodrato double bass and max furia drums “bartleby the scrivener”.

in 2011 he was judged one of the most important italian jazz guitarist by the important italian magazine “musica jazz”. in 2012 the group with arrigo cappelletti and mat maneri was judged one of the best in the year by the italian magazine “musica jazz”. among the many collaborations we remember those with: sandro gibellini,massimo farao’,dado moroni,bruno marini,flavio boltro,francesco bearzatti, paolo mappa, stefano senni, mauro negri, gianni basso, robert bonisolo, alessio menconi, kyle gregory, lee brown, stephan kurmann, jack mcduff, bobby durham, glauco venier, slatko kaucic, dario deidda, stefano sabatini, aldo zunino, mark abrams, emanuele cisi, nevio zaninotto, daniele dagaro, piero cozzi, pietro condorelli, enzo carpentieri, giovanni maier, u.t.gandhi, danilo gallo, ettore fioravanti, paolo birro, rosario bonaccorso, gianmarco scaglia, zeno derossi, carlo canevali, alessandro fedrigo, arrigo cappelletti, stefano battaglia, giovanni falzone, michele rabbia, achille succi, titta nesti, butch morris, nicola stranieri, giulio martino , jimmy weinstein, olivier manoury, ferdinando farao’, silvia bolognesi, greg ward, ernest dawkins, ernie adams, dee alexander, mat maneri, howard curtis, katja cruz, oliver lake and many others.

now he teaches jazz guitar at the conservatorio b. marcello in venezia. he has an important activity as a teacher in courses of specialization and masters.