Alfredo Genovesi

alfredo genovesi is a free improvising electronic guitarist. using an artillery of pedal effects, found objects, samplers, external sound sources and ever shifting guitar tunings he constructs multi-layered soundscapes using a hands-on approach which enables him to fluctuate between diverse and colourful soundworlds.

in spring 07 alfredo relocated to amsterdam where he ‘osmosed’ himself into the free improvisation music scene as well as becoming an active member of magpie music/dance company/umbrella.

his versatility as a sonic improviser has also seen him contribute to a diversity of art forms; in addition to his own solo & collaborative performances he has worked within theatre (, dance (katie duck/michael jahoda/michael schumacher), television (ie: ‘inside clouds’/bbc2 doc, ‘urban improviser’ /channel 4 portrait), film, animation, performance art installations (ie; live performance in peter coffin’s greenhouse for ‘beating about the bush’, south london galllery) & educational workshops. comissioned to compose a 45 minute work entitled ‘north sea’ for the resonance fm radio orchestra. also ‘space soon’: the resonance radio orchestra, under the conduction of alfredo genovesi, provide an audio backdrop to an interview between lembit opik mp (chairman of the joint parliamentary committee for near earth collision & cheeky girl shagger) & nick spall (see photo album)

some of this seems so long ago now


really outrageous stuff…the range of (his) work is awesome.

john zorn

genovesi’s interaction is a revelation. he’s a distinctive and imaginative player to keep an ear out for

avant (new music journal)

(he) conjures steel pans, trance loops, stockhausen’s ‘zyklus’, herbie hancock and the surfaris.

ben watson (the wire)

thanks to alfredo genovesi’s live ambient electronic score, the dream-like state is maintained

ian johns (the times)

eddying currents of guitar overridden and rearranged by a culmative welter of modifications..loaded like detritus into the drift

david stubbs (the wire)

great legs

mary oliver