Antonio Borghini

antonio borghini (1977)
double bass player and composer.

studied classical music at g.b.martini conservatory in bologna. from the late 90’s on he’s been playing with several of the most important italian ensembles and players in creative music (collettivo bassesfere, orange room,eco d’alberi,small talk,gianni gebbia, luca venitucci a.o.) and in jazz (stefano bollani, cristina zavalloni, gianluca petrella, aldo romano a.o.).

since 2003 he plays with cellist tristan honsinger in various projects (hook line and sinker, seven seas orchestra, small talk).

from 2004 till 2006 he founds the domino quartet with sean bergin, gianluca petrella and hamid drake,plays concerts with david murray and hamid drake,he’s member of the anthony braxton quartet and the butch morris orchestra.his sextet memorial barbecue is invited at the international jazz festival in s.anna arresi. from 2007 he’s the bass player in mike patton’s project mondo cane.

in 2008 he publishes the first record of his music with the group malebranche; the group eco d’alberi is the first italian group playing at the vision festival in new york.

he moves to berlin where he founds the group manunkind with singer almut kühne. in berlin starts his collaboration with many players such as toby delius, axel dörner, alexander von schlippenbach, havard wiik,olaf rupp, gunther “baby” sommer, achim kaufmann, matthias schubert,henrik walsdorf, christian lillinger.