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We are happy and proud to announce three new releases on our label. The cd’s are available through Subdist and CD Baby. Of course you can also order Cd’s by sending us an email. If you order by mailing us you’ll get the introduction price of € 15 each CD (including shipping in Europe) or € 12,50 each CD if you order three or more cd’s. You’ll find more information about the cd’s and the artists on our evil rabbit records website.


The quartet explores the relationship between improvisation and written music in its fullest meaning, which includes not only common musical notation but also the use of graphic scores, alternative notations, game pieces and other procedures, like the use of space, body movement and constraint, programmed errors.Pablo Montagne: electric, baritone, acoustic, classic guitars
Adolfo La Volpe: electric, baritone, acoustic guitars, banjo
Francesco Massaro: baritone, tenor, alto saxophones, flutes
Alessandro Tomassetti: drums, percussion, vibraphone


ERR 12: ABATTOIR: Audrey Chen (cello & voice), Robert van Heumen (laptop & controllers)

Rooted in free improvisation and experimental electronics, they perform music where Chen’s intense vocals and intricate cello playing are sampled, transformed and ripped apart by Van Heumen’s vigorous laptop actions. Together, they are able to create a deeply sensitive communication infused with a boundless feeling of release and letting go. “It was a pleasure to see Chen work hard to match van Heumen’s often brutal digital transformations of her sound. […] he took Chen’s keening voice and filtered it in such a way that, for a moment, it seemed that George Martin, the revered Beatles producer, had entered the room.”


ERR 14: Ephemeral Rhizome
A stunning piano solo from an authentic creative player. An introspective and virtuoso improviser who combines shamanistic spirituality and ecstasy with a polyfree & independent approach to the piano. Paul Bley meeting Karlheinz Stockhausen, to the future…
Gianni Lenoci: piano solo


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