felicity provan (trumpet,voice) is an improviser whose professional career has spanned twenty years. in melbourne,australia, felicity studied both classical and jazz/improvisation and received her diploma from the “victorian college of the arts” in ’86. in australia she was an active member of the “melbourne improvisers association”, performed and recorded with jazz and improvisation ensembles, composed the music to independent films for television (abc) and performed with dance and theater projects in victoria and the northern territory.

since being based in amsterdam,’90, felicity has performed and recorded with musicians such as : michael moore, curtis clark, anne le berge, ab baars, corrie van binsbergen, ig henneman, michiel braam, rajesh mehta, mary oliver, sean bergin and joost buis.

specific projects from past years include:

  • performances with her former quartet including ab baars (clarinet/saxophone), steve heather (drums) and joe williamson (doublebass)
  • tour in the netherlands and australia with australian doublebassist belinda moody)
  • two tours (europe/ holland and england) with the ex orkest
  • duet performances with vocalist jodi gilbert in mongolia
  • concerts in belgium with the chris joris/walter lampe quartet
  • performances with “magpie music dance company”
  • concerts in the netherlands and europe with the curtis clark group
  • performances in australia with the quintet “hex” including tom fryer on guitar and wil guthrie on drums

she is currently a member of:

  • joost buis’ “astronotes”
  • trio kaufmann/ provan/ vatcher:achim kaufmann (piano/electronics) and michael vatcher (drums/percussion)
  • rio (royal improvisers orchestra) an ensemble consisting of 18 international improvisers led by yedo gibson (reeds)
  • trio spazio: yedo gibson (reeds) and raoul v/d weide (double bass)
  • duo lampe/provan: walter lampe (piano)
  • ‘home, small as the world’: project based in and led by scottish musician phil bancroft
  • ‘the rummy nights’: a series of concerts in amsterdam with anne le berge (flute, electronics) and lily kiara (dance,voice) and guests.
  • sean bergins “new mob”
  • david kweksilber big band

felicity works regularly with improvising dance artist/poet and singer songwriter lily kiara in various settings. their childrens piece entitled “stil oewaa” includes lighting designer ellen knops. “songs and poems “ is a quintet performing poetry and songs written by lily, poems by julyen hamilton and music created by michael moore and felicity.