Andreas Willers‘ first record release in 1981 was a solo outing on Germany‘s famous free jazz label FMP. Since then he has built a reputation as a guitar player and composer that draws from an atypically rich pallette of sounds and a broad stilistic background carried by a great sense of form, highly recognizable phrasing and immediate emotional power, marrying the down home with the non-idiomatic, the intelligent with the intuitive. Schooled in Hamburg and Los Angeles and influenced by a variety of jazz styles, British blues and progrock and New Music he has recorded with jazz stars like Paul Bley, worked closely with improv masters like Urs Leimgruber among many, many others and can be heard on over 50 albums. He has also composed for small and large jazz and New Music ensembles and continues to work on the subject of interweaving composition and improvisation in different musical settings.

On ‚Haerae‘, his fifth solo guitar release, Andreas Willers restricts himself to the acoustic guitar and a few assorted preparations.