new releases

In September three brand new and exciting releases are coming up on Evil Rabbit Records:

ERR 16: Istanbul improv sessions may 4th, Mark Lotz and Islak Köpek, a collaboration of flutist Mark Alban Lotz with some of the great proponets of the improvising scene in that vibrant metropolis.

ERR 17: U ex(perimental). This recording documents an improvised music concert series, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. a platform for spontaneous encounters of improvising musicians in concert, organised by flutist Mark Lotz and bass player Meinrad Kneer

ERR 18: Modern Primitive. An exciting and powerful live album by  Jan Klare (as, cl, fl), Jeff Platz (g) Meinrad Kneer (b), Bill Elgart (d)

These releases will be available in September

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