paul pallesen ,electric guitar, baritone guitar, banjo and bouzouki after finishing his musicstudy in amsterdam he has been playing with a lot of musicians like martin van duynhoven ,wilbert de joode ,jaap blonk ,bart van der putten and augusto forti.

the most recent projects were jorrit dijkstra’s pillow circles and moldava calls with flutist marc lotz and violinplayer anatoli stevanet.

now he is joining the project ‘spoken beat night’ with singer jeannine valeriano and bass-clarinet player maarten ornstein.

his own band ‘bite the gnatze’ is playing for sixteen years now and working with the same musicians ,all rooted in the jazz and improvised music scene of amsterdam.

in the music composed by guitarplayer paul pallesen you can hear echo’s of monk and mingus and modern classical composers as milhaud and ives. but with the banjo ,lapsteelguitar and the whistle you hear folkmusic subtile slipping into the music.

a collective whose comic flair and precise technique confirms the exuberant passion and confidence of holland’s free music scene