mark alban lotz improvisor, composer, flutist (piccolo, concert-, alto-, bass-, pvc contra bass flutes, prepared flute, flutophon, indian bamboo flutes)

born 12.06.1963 in tübingen (germany), grew up in bonn, bangkok (thailand) and kampala (uganda). lotz builds a bridge between jazz with contemporary music, often crossing borders with other music cultures of the world. his work got al lot of international acclaim which takes him all over the globe.

as soloist, composer, producer and (co)leader 15 cd releases for dutch, german, french, turkish and us labels. recorded >30 cd’s as featured soloist/sideman with musicians from all over the world (india, venezuela, germany, cuba, georgia, turkey, holland, suriname, zambia, portugal, etc). worked with dance, vj, film makers, artists as well as composer for theater play. part of the ‘music: world series’ organisation and ‘u-ex(perimental)’ concert series with free improvised music. toured all over europe as well as in the us, canada, cuba, suriname, turkey, russia, moldavia, ukraine, bulgaria, egypt. his work as composer is supported by the fonds voor de podiumkunsten. professor for jazz flute at the utrecht conservatory.

subject of diverse international publications. his music was rated in of top ten’s, chosen as editor pick and special feature. tracks featured in compilation cd’s in holland, italy, germany, russia and in the us.

through the years mark worked/recorded with many renown musicians from all over the globe. literally from a(rmenia) to z(ambia): o.a. chris potter, miguel ‘anga’ diaz, david tronzo, najma akthar, petar ralchev, jason robinson, michael moore, luigi archetti, amelia pedroso, soloists of the conjunto folklorico national de cuba, clavé y guaguanco, nikky marrero, denise jannah, zuco 103, theo lovendie, vitold rek, arjen gorter, omar ka, wolter wierbos, raj mohan, michael vatcher, eddy martinez, nathan hubbard, harry sparnay, mola sylla, eric boeren, kamil erdem, namgyal lhamo, han bennink, haytham safia, david haney, ramon valle, mathew orchowski, luc houtkamp, korhan erel, umut caglar, fay victor, mary oliver, anatol stefanet, alan purves, ernst reijsegger, tony buck, clayton thomas, johannes bauer.


unprecedented phenomenon in the dutch impro-scene.

(draai om je oren, nl)

ambitious composer of unique contexts. strong voice on flute and a great sense of presentation. intriguing programme of progressive chamber jazz.

(cadence magazine, usa)

german-dutch genius and flute master

(jazz, t.basanta, usa)

prolific virtuoso

(fly magazine, uk)

lotz opens a view into the jazz of the future.

(nieuwsblad v/h noorden, nl)

lotz offers creative variety in this dusty, formalistic world of jazz.

(neuburger rundschau, ger)