lysander was one of those graceful beings who does things the other way around to most of the rest of us. he didn’t see the need to learn a skill and then find ways to apply it. he just responded to the creative urge and learned off balance by diving in and feeling for the edges. so despite being one of the creative heads of a thriving amsterdam agency and the main graphic designer of an award winning spiritual magazine, he had no graphic education and none of the limitations that the training can bring with it – if you don’t learn rules you don’t break any. not to say that he didn’t bring his persistent and methodical nature to the task – this was second skin to him after years of dedicated musical practice. a journey that started with playing a baby cello with his father, through years at the amsterdam conservatory to his freeform days playing cello and fretless bass in the amsterdam improv jazz community.

and these two great creative poles of his life converged around a kitchen table in de pijp in amsterdam with his two closest friends while they gave birth to what has become evil rabbit records. i was witness to the love and care that attended every detail. from the size of the rabbit footprints on the label to where the rabbit hole would be positioned, what kind of paper to use and of course, just how evil should the rabbit be. just before his departure lysander seamlessly evolved from label designer to one of the musical characters in the rabbit universe. i think somewhere he probably still is.

lisa haskins