francesco massaro graduated in saxophone and jazz music, attended the specialization course “literature and arts in the historical and xx avant-guards” at the university of bari and the “permanent laboratory for musical research” with stefano battaglia in siena.

in 2009 he achieved the “diploma accademico di ii livello” in musical discipline with highest marks, praise and merit mention.
in 2007 he was awarded the national prize of art (jazz section) by the miur (research and university ministry).

as an instrumentalist and composer he is active in various musical circles (a.o. avant-jazz, contemporary academic music) and multidisciplinary projects blending creative music, art, poetry, live set audio\video and dance to represent the multi-sensory and trans-cultural aptitude of contemporary art (chaque objet, sextant…)

at the same time, he devotes himself to folk music, looking for a meeting with tradition and european jazz (ensemble barrio de tango).

he also composes for theatre, youth-theatre shows and musical didactic projects.

collaborates and performs with: gianni lenoci, joëlle léandre, carlos zingaro, markus stockhausen, stefano battaglia, daniele di bonaventura, paolo damiani, francesco cusa, antonello salis, bruno tommaso, nicola pisani, eugenio colombo, steve potts, roberto ottaviano, linda bseri, michel godard, gianluigi trovesi, paolo fresu, sakis papadimitriou, georgia sylleou, vittorino curci, franco degrassi, jean derome, joanne hetu, cristina vetrone, enza pagliara e assurd.
the actors: a.o. alessandro haber, gianluca medas and the qualibò contemporary dance company
the poets: shailja patel, annamaria farabbi, massimo ruiu, giancarlo pacella (multimedia installations)