When we set out to create the new label, we knew we didn’t have much money to play with, the productions being reasonably eclectic and all…

But we didn’t want to compromise our idea to do something really nice, and complement the quallity of the music and recording with a fitting package.

So we figured to avoid all the obvious options, and make something from scratch. To make it cost effective we decided to always print the outer sleeves for 6 productions at a time. This gave us the possibility to print the more simple information (band name, cd name, etc) in one go, but wait with the more specific information (song names, song times, etc etc.) until very close to the production time of each cd. Problem solved!

look & feel

We felt there needed to be a earthy quality to the sleeves, nice to handle (and smell). For this we found a beautiful paper: Kraftpak, super strong cardboard, but thin and great to the touch. We printed in one color only to reduce cost, so the light brown color of the cardboard started to play an important roll in the design.

To further enhance the design we decided to die cut three concentric rabbit holes in the cover, to be able to have the insert with it’s own color show on the front, and the CD on the inside.


The inserts with Moniques beautiful photography are made months after the sleeves have been printed. We always try to match the color of the CD with the general tonallity of the photo. But keeping in mind to create a series of colors that fit well together.