yonga sun is a musical chameleon. he is praised for his dynamic, inventive and adventurous style. always on-the-edge and in-the-moment he keeps propelling the music to new levels.

he won the “dutch jazz competition” in 2005, including the “best soloist prize”.

ever since he discovered jazz at the age of 15 he has cherished and caressed his musical love. back then he didn’t understand the music, but felt that it was great. things have not changed much except that he’s found more and better ways to express his musicality, still not knowing what it all means.

yonga is more of a percussive colorist than a drummer in the traditional sense. to him music is like a beautifully flowing river. sometimes fast, sometimes slow, never the same, yet always clear. communication and interaction are key elements in his approach, relying on daring and trust between the musicians.

he utilizes an extreme dynamic range on his quest to combine simplicity and virtuosity. to him a song can or even must be different with every rendition. that’s why you don’t want him playing in a pop band…