guitarist and composer, pablo montagne studied electric guitar with l. candelori, angelis in italy (abruzzo) and with m.vallois in paris. he was awarded the highest marks in classical guitar playing at the “a. casella” conservatoire in l’aquila. after this, he studied with m.felici and m.grandinetti at the “n.rota” conservatory of monopoli, receiving the “master ‘cum laude’ in solo performance”.

furthermore he studied electronic music with m.lupone, while working with the crm (centre of musical research).

over the years, pablo montagne has dedicated much time to the practices of improvisation and composition, which he conceives also as de-composition and re-composition, with a leaning towards diverse and multiple aspects of performance in both solo and group playing.

he is dedicated to writing and accumulating scores of different and opposed nature, with the intention (or non intention) to organize, separate, act out, amplify, isolate or, in some cases, even inhibit some behavioral processes due to mental attitudes and automatic body movement, such as:

paper music, music to be counted, music to be read and listened to, music to be read and not listened to, circumstantial music, music by mistake, music by reflex, music of intentional multiple direction, physical music, music shared, uncontrollable music, hidden music, still music.

as improvisor, composer and performer, pablo montagne worked in collaboration with m.lupone, w.cianciusi, f.massaro, volpe, a.tomassetti, g.lenoci, j.léandre, b.achiary, m.riessler, s.potts, e.melozzi, s.taglietti, quadrivium percussion research group, crm(centre of musical research), barrio de tango, istituto gramma, qualibò contemporary dance company, d.di bonaventura, f.mandolini,v.grossi, r.vacca, g.francia, diomira invisible ensemble, lisma project (e.melozzi, angelis).