jeff platz- guitarist , composer, has toured extensively throughout the u.s. and europe. he has performed in various music festivals world wide such as new york city’s “what is jazz” festival, the “heidelberg jazz festival” in heidelberg germany, amsterdam’s” crossing borders” festival and the munster international jazz festival in munster germany. the berlin based music journalist wolf kampmann writes, “platz’s music is generous although never accidental. the secret of its uninhibited quality lies more in platz’s playful use of the familiar where intuition, feeling, and memory are the most important navigational instruments”. jeff also co manages the german based music label skycap records. in november of 2005 he organized the first u.s. based skycap music festival which featured recently recorded skycap artists such as joe morris, steve lantner and jim hobbs. recently brilliant corners, a boston based jazz website interviewed platz.