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Biliana Voutchkova is a dynamic and thoroughly engaged interdisciplinary artist, violinist, performer, composer, improviser and curator with truly personal musical language. Her work spans the widest possible range of music, sound and movement and her interests lead into various multi disciplinary collaborations.

Based between Berlin and her rural residency on the black sea coast of Bulgaria, she works as a soloist and with renowned ensembles such as United Berlin, Solistenensemble Kaleidoskop, the Splitter Orchestra, Ensemble Modern, Voutchkova/Thieke duo etc. Recent/current projects include solo tours in Colombia, Chile, USA, Australia, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, long durational performances at gallery Sammlung Hoffmann Berlin and Museum of Silence for the Gallery Weekend Berlin, her first solo exhibition-performance at One Gallery / Sofia in March 2021, the premiers of her variable piece “Amati Lenta” (with Olivia Block) and “Golden delusions” (with Akemi Nagao, Junko Wada, Hans Peter Kuhn) at the One Dance Week festival in Plovdiv (European capital of culture 2019), appearances at Skaņu Mežs Festival, Mózg on Screen, Soundance festival, Soundtrips NRW, Experimental Intermedia, Option Series, Jazzfest Berlin, Meakusma festival etc.

Biliana is the founder and curator of the DARA String Festival and a recent recipient of the Composition Stipend from the Berliner Senate, grands from INM/Berlin, Musikfonds and the Trust for Mutual Understanding/New York.



“… wherein voutchkova, as she does on several occasions, speaks as she’s playing, in a low tone that’s indecipherable to me and all the more mysterious and beautiful for that. it’s a very simple idea, i suppose, but one that i find very strong and oddly moving.” brian olewnick/just outside, uk

“…throughout the evening it was in these quite and reflective sections where voutchkova created her moments of real magic.” asahi evening news, japan

“… this was yet another touch to the artistry of biliana, the ability to present sound image in a plastic way, the other side of its emotional nature…… communication in time, filled with screaming sounds of loneliness, is a big success. biliana vouchkova achieves it, with charm, musicality and intelligence, both as a devoted chamber musician and improviser with a strong faith in contemporary art, as numerous critics note.” kultura, bulgaria

“… not only terrific player , but also extremely personable human being…” boston globe, usa